May 12, 2023 COWBEANS

Shooting Survival is the 2d shooting craft survival game with base building and items crafting that features extremely easy to play styles. Its super cool and enjoyable survival gameplay, mixed with rogue-like, crafting, base building, boss fighting and farming elements will get you hooked from the very first shooting run!

– Fun 2d graphics
– Lots of shooting, mining and crafting
– Lots of unique heroes
– Build a base, farm crops, craft items, show off your creativity!
– Tons of weapons – Guns, staves, and swords.. Shoot monsters to pieces!
– Explore worlds to survive monsters, harvest resources, craft and survive world bosses
– Explore and challenge randomly generated dungeons for loots
– Challenge surviving monster arena for epic rewards!
– Auto aim mechanism for super intuitive control. Shoot, cast skill effortlessly!
– Online multiplayer with up to 4 players! Team up with friends around the world for an online co-op shooting adventure
– Start a guild and recruit members and receive weekly prizes!

A 2d pixel roguelike shoot em up that combines action, mining, crafting, survival, farming and base building.

Available for download on Google Play, Apple App Store, Amazon App Store!