October 17, 2019 COWBEANS

PKO will be celebrating its first HALLOWEEN EVENT! Various limited edition Halloween items will be available to loot!

Halloween Event Oct22-Nov5!
– Halloween Dress, Halloween Dress II, Halloween Costume, Pumpkin Weapons, and a Jackolantern pet have been added!
– Devil Boss will appear at random locations (The Crypt, Forgotten Valley, Darklands, Pirate Island, Lizard Beach) and has chance to drop rare items
– Jackolanterns will appear throughout the World and will have a high chance to drop Pumpkin Candies, and Corn Candies!
– Ordinary monsters will also have a chance to drop Pumpkin Candies, but at a lower rate
– Pumpkin Candies can be traded for Magic Pumpkins in Hira which can be opened for a spooooooky prizes
– Corn Candies may be eaten for Spooooooky Effect
– Monsters throughout the world will have a chance to drop Halloween Letters
– Halloween Letters can be traded for items from Events Menu
– unconsumed Letters and Pumpkin Candies will be removed when event ends