Cowbeans Presents

Pixel Knights Online

Open world action mmorpg.
Android Early Access

Development in progress.

There are 4 different classes to play as in King of Heroes MMORPG. Each is unique and has it’s own role playing style.

A brave warrior with the strength of steel, master of swords and armour.

The MAGE..
Illusions and magic, highly intellectual and powerful magic.

Masters of range combat, agile, and balanced.

Damage dealer, cunning, and merciless.

Join friends in GUILDS, and wage WAR against the rival enemies.
Be prepare to fight rival guilds, raid world bosses, and adventure together for glory.

You are your own hero, will you be EVIL or GOOD?
Will you slay other players merciless or aid others in the hunt?
Will you be the HERO or a KING?

Join now, in the World of King of Heroes MMORPG. Adventure awaits you.