Cowbeans Presents

Civilization 2048

A merge type of game. Building the greatest isometric civilization in 2048.

Civilization 2048 is a 3D city puzzle game based on 2048. Cities are built by sliding tiles like moving puzzle pieces.

You are Emperor, control and rebuild the evolution of great civilizations and empires.
Build and transform your big city from a small town.
Evolve your civilization. Rebuild the reputation as world greatest leader.
Create the largest population metropolis by sliding tiles moving puzzle pieces together.
Be the greatest emperor and city of all the biggest civilizations.

Do you enjoy 2048 or 3d city puzzle games, how about sliding tiles or moving puzzle pieces games? How about simulation games? Ever wanted all in one?
Civilization 2048 3d city puzzle is your game! No more numbers from 2048, just fun 3d buildings as 2048!
Some may even consider this as a jigsaw puzzle game, or a replacement of their favorite jigsaw puzzle.

In this fun 3d puzzle game, you are the boss and your goal is to rebuild great civilizations. Combine 3d buildings of same tiles to evolve them. Swipe in the direction you want the tiles to slide to, combine buildings that are the same, watch and grow your empire.

Remember to share you success with in game captures! Or simply watch other emperors in action!

Easy? Try and find out. This is one brain teaser you don’t want to miss. Be a part of the trending puzzle simulation!

1. Swipe and slide tiles to the direction of your choice.
2. When two tiles of the same building fit together like jigsaw puzzle, they upgrade.
3. Your goal is to get to the biggest building tile. Push yourself to raise your population score up!
Swipe and combine the buildings to get to civilization!